Geordie combines his enthusiasm and professionalism to give inspirational lectures and presentations.

He is comfortable speaking to corporate audiences, adults and school children of all ages and has been highly recommended by the organisers of his previous talks.

His talks inspire others and makes them ‘Dare to Dream’


‘Geordie Stewart spoke at one of our first 600th Anniversary donor events at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.  Not only were guests delighted to speak with such a dynamic and charming representative of the student body, they thoroughly enjoyed his speech about his adventures climbing Everest.  Funny, thoughtful, inspiring, with terrific photos – he was a perfect speaker for our event.  Guests left completely entranced. 

I would recommend him for any speaking engagement.’

Kurstin Finch Gnehm – University of St Andrews


‘Geordie Stewart gave an impassioned and inspiring talk about his mountaineering dreams and global adventures.  Professional yet down to earth, Geordie is a example for teenagers planning dreams of their own.’

Catriona Low – Rugby School


“Geordie is an impressive person. He gives an inspirational account of what a young person can achieve with drive and ambition. “

Dr EJN Russell – Eton College


“How much did we love Geordie Stewart! His adventures were definitely an inspiration to all those Scout leaders and past leaders who heard him speak at our event. From his setbacks to his accomplishments, to that moment of triumph on Everest.

We’d certainly have him back anytime, and can’t wait to hear what exciting expedition he has coming up next.”

Beth Gooch – Scouting Association


Keeping the attention of 450 boys for one hour is not an easy task. Geordie enthused and inspired our boys with a fascinating tale of determination, courage and sheer grit. Already boys are talking about climbing Everest and I am sure some of them will!

Thank you’

Paul Gooding – Abingdon School


‘The children were on the edge of their seats! Geordie is an eloquent and inspirational speaker. His commitment, passion and drive to achieve would inspire even the laziest of coach potatoes. In a day and age where the Xbox is king, it is wonderful to have a young man talk about real life adventure. We can’t wait to have him back to speak again at the school.’

Anna Peak - Loretto School


Geordie Stewart gave the closing plenary presentation to RNLI Community Fundraising staff currently going through an extensive change management programme.

Feedback from the staff attending was very positive, a majority finding it very motivating and could see the parallels of Geordie’s challenges to those currently facing the team.

Wow – a great inspiration to us all’ 

‘Inspirational talk that I will remember for a long time.  An excellent way to end the conference which certainly has inspired me to think about the challenges ahead’.

Outstanding – can only think that listening to his remarkable achievements will be embedded with me for years to come’.

‘A great way to finish – if at first you don’t succeed then try, try, try again’

Elaine Close – RNLI Community Fundraising Manager


We thoroughly enjoyed having Geordie speaking at Horris Hill to our boys. It is great for the boys to listen to a young man who is clearly focused and passionate about his dream to conquer Everest.

Both the mental and physical strength needed and the photos he showed, really excited the boys and hopefully a few more boys have been inspired to take to the mountains.

Thank you Geordie and we look forward to following your future ventures.’

Giles Tollit – Horris Hill School


Geordie presented his incredible story to our boarders one evening and managed to keep an audience in excess of 80 boys aged 7-13 enthralled. I would thoroughly recommend him to any school wishing to learn about the challenges involved in scaling the toughest peaks on earth.’

Andrew Monk - Woodcote House School