“I wish Geordie all the success and safety in this epic challenge. It is an endeavour that will take him to the limits and probably beyond, and that sort of commitment is hard not to admire!”


On May 26th 2011 I stood at the highest point on earth – the summit of Mt Everest and realised a dream I had hatched 4 years previously.

I had become the Youngest Brit to climb the 7 Summits – the highest mountain on each of the 7 Continents.

In 2010, I got to within 120m of the summit of Everest before choosing to turn around having assisted 3 teammates of mine heavily afflicted by the altitude.

I decided to return to Everest in 2011 to complete what I set out to achieve. After 2 months on the mountain I hauled my way onto the Top of the World and my dream had become a reality.

I was the 1st student from St Andrews to summit Mt Everest as well as being the 1st person to climb in aid of the excellent charity, The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution)